FinkA for Students (Forschungsstelle für interkulturelle und komplexe Arbeitswelten)

FinkA for students is a group of motivated students from different academic backgrounds who are interested in deepening their knowledge about various methods of simulations in order to analyze intercultural situations. It’s the mixture of diverse theoretical input with the unique possibility to get to know and try different computer simulations in action that convinces the students to take part of the FinkA Group.

Participants of the FinkA for Students Group have the possibility to benefit from the work experience and knowledge of the FinkA Members. With the different computer based simulations the students get to know tools they could use in their future work life and get encouraged to go beyond the normal teaching in university class settuings and investigate for themselves.
Besides, FinkA for Students represents a perfect platform to get in contact with companies and cooperation partners to establish P5 Projects or a Master Thesis.

Hochschulgruppe idea

idea ist ein junges, engagiertes Team, das aktuelle Erkenntnisse und neue Methoden der interkulturellen Forschung mit der Flexibilität und Innovationskraft von Studierenden vereint.

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