Fergal Lenehan


Research Assistent / Erasmus Coordinator


Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena
Bereich Interkulturelle Wirtschaftskommunikation
Ernst-Abbe-Platz 8, Raum 605
07743 Jena


Tel.: +49 (0)3641 – 944379
Fax: +49 (0)3641 – 944372

Office hours: by appointment


  • 2016 Habilitation, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena

Venia legendi: Intercultural Studies

  • 2009 Dr. Phil. Kulturwissenschaften: Abteilung Vergleichende Kulturgeschichte, Universität Leipzig
  • 2003 MA in German Language and Cultural Studies, University College Dublin, Irland
  • 2001 BA German und History, University College Dublin, Irland


  • Seminars taught at the FSU Jena (German and English, BA and MA)

Cultural History of Great Britain and Ireland

Wirtschaftsbezogene Kulturgeschichte Großbritannien und Irland

Going to and from Ireland: Irish Migration History

The Micks and the Krauts: ‘Irishness’ and ‘Germanness’ in US-American Culture and History

Theorien interkulturellen Handelns

Aktuelle Diskurse der interkulturellen Handlungsforschung: Die Ethik interkulturellen Forschens und Handelns

Intercultural Theory

Negotiation Training: English

Intercultural Ireland: US-Irish and German-Irish Relations

Perspectives on Europe: The Transnational Idea of Europeanism in Intellectual Discourse and Popular Culture

  • Technical University of Ilmenau

9.-10. Dezember 2016, 4.-5. May 2018 Guest Lecturer (Seminar: Intercultural Communication in a Scientific Context)

  • University of Limerick, Ireland
  1. September – 01. Oktober 2016 Guest Lecturer (Erasmus) (European Studies und Intercultural Studies)
  • Tbilisi State University, Georgia
  1. – 8. Juni 2012 und 7. – 10. März 2013 Guest Lecturer (Seminar: An Introduction to Intercultural Communication)
  • Universität Leipzig

2009 Lehrbeauftragter Anglistik

  • University College Dublin, Irland

2002-2005 Tutor Department of German

Publications and Research

Monographs and Edited Volumes

Stereotypes, Ideology and Foreign Correspondents: German Media Representations of Ireland, 1946-2010. Frankfurt am Main, Oxford: Peter Lang, 2016.

(Irish Times Review: https://www.irishtimes.com/culture/books/how-germany-sees-ireland-stubborn-creative-under-european-1.2811885)

(Dublin Review of Books Review: http://www.drb.ie/essays/the-green-island)

(Interculture Journal Review: (http://www.interculture-journal.com/index.php/icj/article/view/322/391)

Intellectuals and Europe: Imagining a Europe of the Regions in 2oth Century Germany, Britain and Ireland. Trier: Wissenschaftlicher Verlag, 2014.

Language and The Moulding of Space: An interdisciplinary Discussion. Magdeburg, Leipzig: Meine Verlag, 2010. (with Nadine Jänicke)

Articles in Peer-reviewed Journals and Chapters

From Film Noir to Scientific Pastoralism: Depictions of Ireland in British, German and French Cinema, 1938-2014″. In: Gisela Holfter et al. (eds.), Ireland in the European Eye. Dublin: Royal Irish Academy, 2019. (peer-reviewed and accepted)

“Elizabeth Shaw from a Transnational Perspective: The Intercultural Self, Propaganda and Shaw’s Representation in the GDR Print Media”. In: Deidre Byrnes et al. (eds.), Irish-GDR Links. Trier: Wissenschaftlicher Verlag, 2019. (peer-reviewed and accepted)

““The mind of the English adversary is laid bare”: Ernie O’Malley’s On Another Man’s Wound in Germany and Irish Aspects of German National Socialist Propaganda, 1938-1943″. RISE: Review of Irish Studies in Europe. 2/2, p 134-150. http://www.imageandnarrative.be/index.php/rise/article/view/1906

“Propaganda, Literature and a Television Mini-Series: Representations of Roger Casement in Germany, 1916-2016”. In: Estudios Irlandeses. 13, 2018 p 55-68. https://www.estudiosirlandeses.org/2018/03/propaganda-literature-and-a-television-mini-series-representations-of-roger-casement-in-germany-1916-2016/

“Intercultural Media Studies: Stereotypes and Ideology as the Textual Semantics and Syntax of Journalistic Articles of ‘Other’ Cultures, with examples from the Irish-German and German-Greek Contexts”. In: Interculture Journal: Online Zeitschrift für interkulturelle Studien. 17/29 2017, p 9-26. http://www.interculture-journal.com/index.php/icj/article/view/270

“Singing in the Rain: The Irish-themed Film Musical and Schlager’s Hibernian Moment”. In: Barry Monahan (ed.), Ireland and Cinema: Culture and Contexts. London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015, p 149-157.

“Irish-German Interconnections in Popular Culture: Rock and Popular Music and Michael Fassbender’s German-Irish Celebrity”. In: Claire O’Reilly and Veronica O’Regan (eds.), Ireland and The Irish in Germany: Reception and Perceptions. Baden-Baden: Nomos, 2014, p 181-200.

“Varying Cultural Conceptions of the Private Sphere and their Impact upon the Use of Social Media Networks as Educational Tools: A German and Chinese Comparison”. In: Mike Kent and Tama Leaver (eds.), An Education in Facebook? London: Routledge, 2014, p 171-184. (with Xun Luo)

” “I’m aware you don’t speak German – yet”. Depicting Germans on Irish Television”. In: Dietmar Böhnke et al. (eds.), Kultur Kontakt – Cultural Contact. Leipzig: Hamouda, 2014, p 133-144.

“Re-imagining Trans-cultural Spaces: The German Mitteleuropa Discourse and Deconstructing the British Isles”. In: Angela Pilch Ortega and Barbara Schröttner (eds.), Transnational Spaces and Regional Localization. Münster: Waxmann, 2012, p 117-126.

A Land and A People of Extremes: Ireland and the Irish in German Cinema”. In: Irish Studies Review, 20/1, 2012, p 25-45.

“Decentralising Europe: Re-connecting the Local and the European”. In: Studies: An Irish Quarterly Review, 100/399, 2011, p 297-306.

“Introduction: Language and Spatiality in the Ideational and Cultural Imagination”. In: Nadine Jänicke and Fergal Lenehan (eds.), Language and the Moulding of Space: An interdisciplinary Discussion. Magdeburg, Leipzig: Meine Verlag, 2010, p 1-10.

“From the ‘British Isles’ to ‘These Islands’: Nomenclature, Language Transformation and Changing Social Reality?” In: Language and the Moulding of Space: An interdisciplinary Discussion. Magdeburg, Leipzig: Meine Verlag, p 45-62.

“Revisiting the Habsburg Empire: Peter Glotz, Attacking the Nation-State and a ‘Europe of Regions’”. In: Matthias Middell and Ulf Engel (eds.), World Orders Re-visited. Leipzig: Universitätsverlag, 2010, p 95-108.

“Catholic Utopian Spaces: The Essays of Christopher Dawson and Hilaire Belloc’s The Servile State”. In: Spaces of Utopia, No. 7, 2009, S. 54-77, (http://ler.letras.up.pt/uploads/ficheiros/7489.pdf).

Academic Translations

Jürgen Bolten, „The Dune Model. Or: How to describe Cultures“. AFS: Intercultural Link. 5/2, July 2014, p 4-5.

Stefan Leder, „Nomadic and Settled Peoples in Steppe Landscapes and within Statehood“. Scientia Halensis. 1/5, 2010, p. 19-22.


“Willkommen go hÉirinn”. In: The Dublin Review of Books, Juli 2018. (http://www.drb.ie/essays/wilkommen-go-hÉirinn

“Reading the Traces”. In: The Dublin Review of Books, Dezember, 2017. http://www.drb.ie/essays/reading-the-traces

“The Swiss Laid Bare”. In: The Dublin Review of Books, Mai 2017. http://www.drb.ie/essays/the-swiss-laid-bare

“Back in the GDR”. The Dublin Review of Books, Dezember 2013. http://www.drb.ie/essays/back-in-the-gdr

“A German Quiet Man? Meines Vaters Pferde (My Father’s Horses)”. In: History Ireland, 21/2 März/April 2013, p 46-7.

Der Fuchs von Glenarvon (The Fox of Glenarvon), 1940”. In: History Ireland, 19/6 Nov/Dez, 2011, p 46-7.

“Visions of Europe”. The Dublin Review of Books, Issue 19, Autumn 2011. https://www.drb.ie/essays/visions-of-europe

“From the Green Island”. The Dublin Review of Books, Issue 14, Summer 2010. http://www.drb.ie/essays/from-the-green-island

Media Appearances and Outreach Work

Workshop for School Teachers: „What does Brexit mean for the UK and for Europe“? University of Regensburg, 27. February 2019.

Workshop for School Teachers „Brexit, Rising Extremism and Ireland“. Akademie für Politische Bildung, Tutzing. 15 October 2018.

TV Interview on “Alpha-Demokratie”, ARD Alpha, 18 September 2018. https://www.br.de/mediathek/video/alpha-demokratie-18092018-brexit-av:5b6b07bb2f5c3c00181b63a9

Radio documentary on Elizabeth Shaw and Irish people in the GDR. Newstalk Radio, Dublin, Irland. November, 2014.

Workshop for School Teachers on “EU Enthusiasm and Regionalism/Nationalism in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland“. Akademie für Politische Bildung, Tutzing. 30. September 2014.

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